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Spend your holidays in Cilento National Park

Between nature, history and art | Velia, Paestum and the hinterland

VeliaThe Cilento is a vast area in the southern part of the province of Salerno. There is much to discover here: 100 km of coastline from Sapri to Agropoli, historic villages in the hills and in the mountainous interior, the Calore Gorge near Felitto, the ghost town of Roscigno Vecchia and the caves of Castelcivita. Paestum, the ancient city of Magna Graecia, famous for its well-preserved temples, is a 30-minute drive away. The archaeological site of Velia, on the other hand, is only 10 minutes away. Those who prefer hiking or cycling can take advantage of the surrounding countryside inland. The picturesque roads that run along the slopes of the Cilento Mountains offer breathtaking views and absolute tranquility at every turn. The small villages clinging to the surrounding heights (Cannicchio, Pollica, Celso, Galdo, San Mauro) bear witness to ancient traditions such as the peasant production of olive oil, wine and the Cilento white fig. In summer, there is a hydrofoil service that offers an excellent way to visit the Amalfi Coast and the island of Capri in one day.

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What you can visit

  • The Museum of Mediterranean Diet
    about 100 meters from us (in Pioppi in the municipality of Pollica)
  • The archaeological excavations of Velia
    about 4 km from us (in Ascea)
  • The Temples of Paestum
    about 25 km (in Capaccio-Paestum)
  • The Blue Cave in Palinuro
    about 35 km from us (in Palinuro)
  • Capri
    in summer with hydrofoils from the port of Marina di Casal Velino
  • Amalfi Coast
    in summer with hydrofoils from the port of Marina di Casal Velino
  • The gorges of the Calore river
    about 40 km from us (in Felitto)
  • The Caves of Castelcivita
    about 40 km from us (in Castelcivita)
  • Punta degli Infreschi
    about 40 km from us (in Camerota)

What can you do

  • Boat excursions
    where: Marina di Casal Velino
  • Diving and swimming lessons
    where: Marina di Casal Velino
  • Windsurf e SUP
    where: Pioppi
  • Trekking
    where: in Cilento
  • Horse riding
    where:In Casal Velino